You see the thing about this, this yoke I started back then. It depends on the health of the thinking matter. For me, its good now. The tiny sparks have flinted in the cerebrum again. Its only a flicker but with all fires it needs patience and determination to get going. And I can think […]


And there’s Big Tom where I expect to find him, sipping on a two litre of coke staring dead eyed at the ducks and swans. They’re not so much as frolicking as huddling in a giant feathered mass against the scrawly wind. Big Tom, sitting in his stained sports cap with his giant hands resting […]

I got to talking to auld Brendan down by the canal and I could see from the frame of his peepers that he was stressing on a problem. He lurched forward placing his ample elbows on his wide knees and he says to me ‘it shouldn’t happen, not in this day and age.’ It was the […]

I can hear them all around me. Voices mumbling beneath the breath of the city. They sweep me into town, hurrying me down the hill towards Glasnevin cemetery and on up to Phisboro and beyond. It is in their DNA to suffer. To take whatever medicine the dominant power decides is best. In this town […]

So I sat there outside the ghost of the U2 tower on Sir John Rogersons Quay. For a while the ships coming and going from the port had me occupied and dreaming of becoming a stow away. Then I thought again and realised the furthest I’d get is Holyhead and that’s just not different enough […]

I do take a walk round town of an evening to get away from the gaff. It can get a bit stuffy after a few hours of sitting. So I do head outside no matter the weather. It helps ta clear the mind and exercise the limbs. Keeps me sane too and there is a […]

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